FREE CEHS Summer Partnership Institute PD at WSU this summer

Wright State University poster for CEHS Summer Partnership Institute 2017 courses at $150 per credit hour

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I just recently learned about free PD to be held at Wright State university over the summer.

Workshops include options such as:

  • Assessment
  • Connecting a School Garden to Content Standards
  • Book in a Day
  • Safe Space Ally Development Training
  • Proactive Circle Conversations to Promote Social and Academic Development
  • Mental Health in the Schools
  • Developmentally Appropriate child Guidance:  Addressing Disruptive Behavior in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Toward a Psychology of Understanding ADHD
  • What’s New in Children’s Picture Books in Content Areas?
  • Introduction to Co-Teaching
  • Teaching Strategies for Promoting Active Participation in the Classroom
  • An Introduction to Project Based Learning

I have not attended PD from this partnership institute before, however as an adjunct instructor at WSU, I have had the opportunities of attending presentations from a couple of the featured professors in the workshops listed above.  Based on the quality of the content and delivery I experienced before, in addition to the cost, I highly recommend checking out the offerings:

All of the courses will be held at Millett Hall:



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