Online Professional Development credit options

Chapel of Immaculate Conception at University of Dayton campus

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Taking online courses are convenient and flexible.

Check out the University of Dayton (UD) website

UD is offering workshop credit hours in collaboration with Educational Impact (EI) Academy. These are online professional development workshops costing $65 per video.  University of Dayton credit can also be purchased.

Educational Impact Academy Video Offerings (pdf) >>

The Greene County Career Center Adult Workforce Division, in collaboration with UD, is offering undergraduate and graduate level online, on-demand, self-paced PD called “Ed2Go.”  These are instructor-led 6 week courses and cost $99 per course.  UD graduate workshop credit can also be purchased.

The Montgomery County Educational Service Center is offering online video courses in collaboration with with UD.  These courses cost $125 each. UD graduate workshop credit can also be purchased.

Access our online course list and description of each course before entering our registration site (pdf) >>

If you have taken any of these online workshops or courses, please consider sending us your rating and overall evaluation of the program.



FREE CEHS Summer Partnership Institute PD at WSU this summer

Wright State University poster for CEHS Summer Partnership Institute 2017 courses at $150 per credit hour

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I just recently learned about free PD to be held at Wright State university over the summer.

Workshops include options such as:

  • Assessment
  • Connecting a School Garden to Content Standards
  • Book in a Day
  • Safe Space Ally Development Training
  • Proactive Circle Conversations to Promote Social and Academic Development
  • Mental Health in the Schools
  • Developmentally Appropriate child Guidance:  Addressing Disruptive Behavior in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Toward a Psychology of Understanding ADHD
  • What’s New in Children’s Picture Books in Content Areas?
  • Introduction to Co-Teaching
  • Teaching Strategies for Promoting Active Participation in the Classroom
  • An Introduction to Project Based Learning

I have not attended PD from this partnership institute before, however as an adjunct instructor at WSU, I have had the opportunities of attending presentations from a couple of the featured professors in the workshops listed above.  Based on the quality of the content and delivery I experienced before, in addition to the cost, I highly recommend checking out the offerings:

All of the courses will be held at Millett Hall: